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Waxing Services

Using hard strip-less wax that's been specially formulated for sensitive skins. It is a low melting point wax with a creamy consistency. Our Brazilian hard wax delivers an excellent grip directly to the hair and not to the skin. By applying thick even layers to the targeted hair removal areas,

our strip-less wax is less painful, has great elasticity and does not crack at the time of removal. Due to its gentleness on the skin, this strip-less wax can be reapplied over an area that has already been waxed without harming the skin to get the remaining hairs. Providing very clean and smooth results.

Bikini Line     $25

Front Only Brazilian    $40

Brazilian     $45

Eyebrows    $12

Lip     $8

Chin    $12

Cheeks    $15

Sideburns    $15

Hairline    $15

Neck      $18

Full Face    $45

Under Arm     $18

Full Arm    $40

Half Arm   $25

Full Stomach (W)      $25

Stomach Strip    $10

Inner Thigh     $15

Full Leg     $60

Half Leg     $35

Full Back (W)    $45

Full Back (M)      $50

Men's Chest & Stomach  $60

What our customers are saying

Soooo I was so nervous about getting a Brazilian wax being it was my first time... But I have to say I'm glad I finally built up the courage and as for Sarah, she made me feel so relaxed (Girl no worries, I got you) and it was honestly the most painless, thorough and relaxed wax I've EVER!!! I Highly recommend asking for Sarah for your waxing needs my Pink Cashmere experience was awesome and I will definitely be back!

-Krystal  Grier